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Is this the correct way to construct a patio, drainage next to raised planter?

I would like to see if any of the more knowledgeable users here would be able to look over the construction drawings of my patio and see if they are correct?

What the two images show is a patio with a fall of 1:80 to a ACO hexdrain brickslot drain which is positioned up against a raised planter. The raised planter will have 25mm thick granite flagstones attached to it vertically. These will be the same flagstones used for the patio.

As you can see from the second image I have the vertical tile going slightly below the patio level however there is still a void area between the bottom of this vertical tile and the top of the concrete bed for the slot drain. 

I have also attached a drawing from the ACO Hexdrain brickslot drain installation instructions.

Q1. Do my drawings show how to correctly install the brickslot drain?

Q2. Does my Sub-base have to extend slightly behind my Kerb bedding?

Q3. If I want to lower my Kerb to be flush with the top of the patio do I have to increase the depth of my sub-base for the entirety of the patio or could I just increase it on an area around the kerb bedding/hunching?

Q4. Any other thoughts on my design?

Many thanks


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