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Winter protection

Hi Everyone, would love some advice on protecting my Musa Basjoo’s and tree fern over winter.
I have 2 Musa Basjoo that have had a few smaller plants grow from the base.
do I just wrap the trunk, I have read to remove the leafs too ?
I also have a really small tree fern, who’s trunk is about 18 inches.
I’ve looked at horticultural fleeces, is this the best thing and should it be done now ? I live in Bournemouth 

Thank you 😊 


  • coccinellacoccinella LuxembourgPosts: 248
    the only bananas I have are in the fruit bowl but  :D but this might help:

    When down go out and buy a packet of seeds
  • @Hostafan1 does Bananas I think so perhaps he will see this.  M basjoo are the hardiest for the UK as far as I know but still may need protection depending upon your location as well as the winter weather.
    The tree fern is best protected - as your is a youngster, it will probably require more protection - insulating the trunk with straw and ensuring the crown is also sufficiently protected by the same method.  You can then fleece but really you want to avoid wet and cold over the winter.
    There are a couple of posters on here who have kept their tree ferns happily for years so if you hang on a bit, they will hopefully see this and advise you further :)  
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