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Excessive thorns on roses

Why have Some of my patio rose stems gone very thorny ? 


  • I'm guessing its a climbing Floribunda (I can make out the label) as opposed to a 'Patio' rose and it's currently in a container.
    Im not a rose expert but I'd take out of the pot & grow it in the ground and prune it (I do know Floribundas can get a bit out of hand with stems growing in all directions).
    The thorns - well, if you like yer roses it kinda goes with the territory.  :#
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen Spain.Posts: 6,113
    Hi June, when you say they have ‘gone thorny’ presumably they had less before? Some roses are naturally much thornier than others but you don’t always see that when the canes are young, they develop their full weaponry over time! Which floribunda rose is it? 
  • it’s called special grandma . Label says it’s ok to be grown in containers. I’m sure it didn’t have this many thorns when my grandson gave it to me 
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