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Swiss cheese plant advice

Hi, this is meant to be a Swiss cheese plant, is it too late to feed it and get more leaf growth on it?


  • PlantmindedPlantminded WirralPosts: 1,121
    edited August 2021
    Hi there, feeding as the plant approaches its dormancy period is unlikely to produce more leaf growth.  However, to prepare your plant for this in spring, it could benefit from repotting into a larger pot now with fresh free draining houseplant compost. This is normally done in spring, but can be done at any time, particularly if the plant is root bound and struggling.  There's more detailed advice on repotting in this link: A Step by Step Guide to Repotting Your Monstera Deliciosa - The Healthy Houseplant Hope this helps.
  • Thanks, I'll have a look at that. 
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