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  • that anemone's proper cute - a lovely shot
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    Fire said:
    Quite often I have used companies like Bonus Print to make up greeting cards. Many of the photos on this thread (and wildlife threads) would make lovely cards. Sets are good for presents, Christmas cards, fund raisers etc. They come in sets of ten, with envelopes.

    I like giving a life to pictures, rather than just having them sitting on a hard drive. You can easily make up t-shirts, mugs, posters etc. I often make up photobooks of my garden to send to a beloved, elderly gardeny aunt in Jamaica. I made up one after my dad died of his life and loves.

    There are lots of other companies, where you do all the editing online - it's pretty straight forward. Bonus Print is the most straight forward that I have found. They nearly always offer daily "discounts". Be a bit careful with these, as delivery costs etc are not included. Make sure to write down the discount code from the home page on a bit of paper before you start as they never add the discount code in your final payment page, though it seems like they would. It's a bit of a con. But still, it's fun to have a set of your cards arrive through the letterbox.

    Funny I was thinking that myself!
    I've used a company called for greetings cards a couple of times, and been happy with the results.They're a business printers so you have to buy a minimum of 25 cards but you can choose a different design for each card.
    My daughter works for the Soil Association and she used to sell loads at their internal craft fairs.
    When I went to their site to get the address I noticed they also do postcards now, and their offering free postage to new customers (not an affiliate, honest).
    Here's a couple of the actual cards I've made

  • The capitulae of these daisy-like flowers are endlessly fascinating!
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    Love this thread. A whole new world of flowers!
    In London. Keen but lazy.
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