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Blackcurrant bush


my Blackcurrant bush has been doing pretty well recently but the last few days the leaves have been turning yellow and brown and falling off.  It is planted in a pot in the back garden.    I had forgotten to water it for a few days but have given it a good watering today.  Would not having watered it have caused the problem or is it something else. Thank you for your help. 


  • Our blackcurrants have finished fruiting and the one that is in the sunshine (in the ground) is showing leaf colour like yours. This is the plant completing its growth for this year.
    The ones in the shade are still a dark green.
    We don't water them but obviously being in a pot yours would need watering.
    Have you had fruit?

  • Hi.  It had a little fruit when we bought it but nothing since.  Should I just leave it and hope it comes back next year.  
  • Yes it should but can you plant it in the ground?
    They really do need to be in the ground to grow and produce the fruit that you would like.
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