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Strulch doesn't stop snails?

rolanda.woorolanda.woo Posts: 70
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I had for a while believed its magical power, as my new veggie patch has stayed out of damage from the beginning. But a few weeks passed until I eventually started noticing damages on a couple of sunflower leaves. It seemed only happen to one out of four sunflowers. I deducted that the culprit must be around. Then I found a snail was asleep on the Strulch mulch under the sunflower out of the sun!

Gradually, I noticed more and more snails - big ones and small ones (so far only a tiny slug) were able to approach and stay on the Strulch mulch. Just now, I found out that my the other flowerbed also suffered damages. Two hosta plants have small damages. They look like from small snails. 

Did I use it incorrectly (a 3cm layer on soil/compost) or it's just that Strulch only has limited effect?


  • B3B3 Posts: 18,970
    Nothing works 100%. You still need to snip and stomp
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  • rolanda.woorolanda.woo Posts: 70
    B3 said:
    Nothing works 100%. You still need to snip and stomp
    Oh, I was soooo hoping for a miracle. The small ones are really difficult to stop.  :s
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 40,630
    The small ones are often the ones that do the most damage. 
    Unfortunately, any 'loose' type of material [like Strulch] creates a space for slugs and snails to hide, especially during the day when it can be hotter and drier, and therefore unsuitable for them.
    They just lie in wait....
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