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Portuguese Laurel health

I have planted a row of Portuguese Laurel (prunus Lusitania) along our fence line and Iam concerned about there health and whether they are being over or under watered. The trees look in a sorry state with yellowing, drooping and in some places curling leaves. Please see the attached pictures.
Does any one have any experience looking after these trees and how best to care for them. We obviously don’t want to loose them. 
Thank you


  • Songbird-1Songbird-1 Posts: 4,150
    Hello @stuart782002 and welcome to the forum. We had a Portuguese Laurel in our old house, many years ago and from what I can remember, your trees don't look too bad. I think there is some natural shedding of the leaves and the leaves do have a tendency to curve anyway. If you have only recently planted them out, they will need a good watering( particularly if your area is like ours where we haven't had any rain for months now) very regularly. Don't allow them to dry out, the yellowing could indicate they are under watered. Also, have you left enough space between each tree to allow for growth and space etc? They may take a little while to develop a good root system so for the first year, make sure they are well watered. Once established, you can then feed them a general purpose feed in the Spring. Good luck.
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