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Have just purchased 3 phormiums Jester,Rainbow Queen and Yellow Wave, do I need to protect these plants in winter and if so how? live in the Highlands of Scotland. many thanks


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    I don't protect mine at all (essex) but probably if they are small plants they may need protection. Saw the following info which I thought might be useful.

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    ..I would be surprised if any of those survive without some protection where you are... I grow Rainbow Queen here in East Anglia and it is cut down every winter.. all the top growth is killed off... but it is not killed outright as it regrows from the ground level as soon as the weather improves... it's not looking too bad at the moment, nice fresh growth but it'll never get big..

    I would think Jester would be the same. it's a small variety, you could lose that one... I lost a similar called Rainbow Maiden, it didn't survive here... but grew well on the south coast for me..

    Yellow Wave is another that grew huge further south, but I've not tried it here... I have 2 'Alison Blackman' which do quite well, considering the weather... 1 has grown into a sizeable bush, the other struggles for some reason... more exposed perhaps.... they're tricky in cold areas these Phormiums....

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    thank you, very helpful. can you also help me with another problem, how can I stop myself from buying plants! 

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    ...I'm sorry I cannot help you with that one... I suffer the same disease and there is no cure...

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    I also suffer with this affliction. I find bargain corners completely irresistible. I have tried chocolate as I was told this was good for the problem and am continuing with this medicine as there are no side effects except for maybe... some new clothes shopping! image

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    Must be an epidemic. 

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    ...I've heard a thing called 'bankruptcy' might help...

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    Definitely an epidemic and I'm not sure Salino, I live on a seriously low income but continue to allow myself one luxury. I don't drink or smoke or buy on HP but --- need I go on?

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    bluejan I'm in Scotland albeit south of Glasgow just now but I've grown lots of phormiums in various gardens and I reckon it's wet that kills them more than cold. If you can put them in a sheltered spot and give them good sharp drainage you should be ok. My last house was quite high and exposed and I grew them there - I've had some for years. Putting them in pots helps as you can move them out the wind during the worst weather etc but really good drainage if they're in the ground. Think sharp gritty compost that alpines like! Some fleece would probably be the best bet- just make sure it's well anchored! image

    Yellow Wave is very smart. I have 'Blackadder' too - which is very dark - as my daughter loves the programme! image

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