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I'm quite new to gardening and I've just started sowing Teasel. Mainly for its wildlife benefits and would like to plant it in my garden in April. 

I have quite a small garden which has a small lawn and a few plants. 

However, after reading into the plant species online, other people have had issues with the plant spreading around their garden.

Is Teasel quite invasive? I'm more a casual gardener and don't want to be pulling up teasel seedlings for years. 

Hope anyone can be of help and also would like to know if anyone else has experience growing Teasel in their garden? 


  • B3B3 Posts: 15,766
    The seedlings are easy to identify and pull out. Are you aware that a teasel is a very big plant for a small garden?
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  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,532
    I grew teasel a couple of years ago for the wildlife, and I had plenty of bees and wasps feeding on the flowers.  But the goldfinches, which are supposed to go crazy for teasel seeds, never gave them a second glance.  Now I have hundreds of seedlings, all over the garden.  They are easy to identify, but not necessarily easy to get out: most of my seeds found their way into crevices between paving slabs, or cracks in concrete.  I can only scrape off the leaves, I can't uproot them.
  • A very interesting plant and full of history.
    We have it in our garden but it is quite large.
    The colour of the small flowers are lovely and as said the insects are attracted to them.
    If you don't want them to spread too much cut back the flower heads before they seed.
    we haven't though had problems with them seeding all over the garden.
  • BiljeBilje Posts: 506
    I have teasels too, i get gold finches on my bird feeders but have never seen them on the teasels. They do self seed but not all that much, I just leave a couple of seedlings in each border and easily weed out the rest. 
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