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Best time to plant apple and pear tree

dbhattukdbhattuk London Posts: 23
I am new to gardening and trying to learn. I would to plant an eating apple and a pear tree in the garden, semi dwarf I think. The garden is north facing in a town area. From what I gather, winter is best time to plant. There is an apple few gardens, so pollination could be okay I think.  Should I order trees now from an online nursery or what till Jan/Feb. Not sure which is preferred to buy rootstock or container?        


  • Bareroot and plant anytime from now til Feb. But sooner the better so it can start to establish roots earlier!
  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 4,249
    When planting just remember that the ground under the tree should be clear of other plants or grass, as this will probably decide where you want them. There are many varieties and forms, taking up as much space as you would like, so if you need more input feel free to ask.🙂
  • dbhattukdbhattuk London Posts: 23
    Thank you, appreciate your advice and guidance. So much to learn 
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 77,494
    This is a highly reputable supplier and their website gives lots of useful information about sizes of tree, suitable pollination partners etc

    As you say, so muchs to learn  :)
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  • dbhattukdbhattuk London Posts: 23
    Thank you, that’s very helpful. 
  • If you are only planting one of each, check that they are self fertile as many apples and pear trees need another pollinator.
  • dbhattukdbhattuk London Posts: 23
    Thank you, I was thinking one tree in the garden and container dwarf for the patio. I hope that will help with pollination, need to get to grips with pollination groups. There is a apple tree few gardens away but no idea of the variety. I am looking for semi-dwarf for garden. So many to choose from. Thank you again
  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Scariff, County Clare, IrelandPosts: 7,444
    The pear and the apple won't pollinate each other, but Conference and Concorde pear varieties are self-fertile.  You might be lucky with your apple, with cross-pollination from trees in neighbours' gardens - bees fly up to a mile between trees, I think - and lots of people grow crab apple trees too, which are good pollinators of many apple trees.  And some varieties are self-fertile, or partially so, which can help... I grew 'Sunset' when I lived in Northumberland and loved it.  Flavour like a Cox but much easier to grow, and self-fertile.   :)
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  • dbhattukdbhattuk London Posts: 23
    That’s great thank you. When I did a bit of research it pointed to Sunset too, so I have the variety sorted, in terms of pears, I will go for conference. I tried before to plant Apple and Pear trees before but failed miserably. So determined to get it right. Now need to get the planting bit sorted. I have made a good start with great advice for kind and smart folks here. Thank you again.
  • Spartan apple is self fertile and a great eater and good for storage.
    Our conference pear is near a williams but they are also self fertile.
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