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What tree shall i buy?

I wonder if someone would like to give us some advice please.

We'd like to plant a tree in our garden but we're not sure what to go for.

The garden is about 14m long by 7.5m wide and the tree would be about 10m from the house. Light is pretty good with a couple of existing tall trees a further 15m away. There is about a metre of clayey topsoil on sandy chalky clay. the soil is slightly alkaline (or might be more alkaline since I made the area my cementy wheelbarrow wash zone).

We want something quite treey with a single stem and not bushy. Coloured (not green) foliage would be nice but not essential. Maybe something that has a crop but I find apple trees quite boring/ugly. Want the tree to end up with a wide canopy so it dominates the garden but with small leaves so that light penetrates enough to have planting nearby/underneath.

Also, we're prepared to pay a few hundred pounds to get a specimen with a head start on growth so that we can have something that completes the garden sooner.

Any ideas on what we could check out and any ideas where we can order it, we live in Suffolk.

Many thanks

Wayne, Heather and Rafe


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