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First time veg gardener

I planted vegetables and herbs for the first time this year. First potato crop was great(Charlotte), beets, lettuce, herbs good. However everything then got covered in a kind of light brown yellow spots, colour. It seemed to start with the garlic. My sage and mint is covered. Now my potato crop(garden centre sold for Christmas harvest) has black spots on the leaves. Is it blight?
Should I dig everything up and start again next year? Can I plant new garlic for next year or is my soil ruined?
I’m in Dublin Ireland so weather still quite mild, no frost yet.
I’d appreciate any advice😊


  • NewBoy2NewBoy2 BristolPosts: 1,804
    Is your garden near a factory of site that has allowed some smoke or dust to escape.
    Everyone is just trying to be Happy.....So lets help Them.
  • No nothing like that. The rest of the garden is fine, flowers etc thrive in it. The only thing else that suffered this year is Iceberg rose climber(white dusty powder on it).
  • Allotment BoyAllotment Boy North London Posts: 4,551
    I guess you have had a fair bit of rain like many of us in the latter half of the season.  Most of these things are probably fungal. There are no legal fungicides for amateurs to use on food crops any more. You can only try cultural methods, such as spacing crops a bit wider to allow more air, do not over feed , especially with high nitrogen fertiliser.  Sometimes things like seaweed tonic,  or SBK  plant invigorator might help.
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  • StephenSouthwestStephenSouthwest Southwest EnglandPosts: 298
    It looks like a variety of different things going on with the different plants - I'm not seeing anything in your photos that I'd worry about - and at this time of year plants will get a bit ragged round the edges for all sorts of different reasons.
  • Thanks for the advice. I’ll try spacing out more and I have organic seaweed feed, which I gave in summer. Hopefully it’s not being passed on from one to the next. I’m wondering if I should dig out my potatoes now though in case it’s blight😬 
    All new to me but so exciting when you get a good crop of one of your veg😊
  • nick615nick615 SW IrelandPosts: 894
    It doesn't look very much like blight on your spuds but, if you're worried, you could cut the tops off them and get rid of the foliage?
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 42,473
    Are the plants all growing in close proximity?
    Poor airflow is often a reason for many problems, especially any fungal diseases, as @Allotment Boy says.

    Sage often looks terrible at this time of year anyway, especially in wet climates  ;)

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  • Oh right😄 Maybe I was just disappointed as the sage was growing so well- the inner leaves r ok but the outer ones covered. I had 3 different varieties of mint- all lush green and delicious, then they all went off...
    I’ll try taking off the spotted leaves off the potatoes.
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 42,473
    If you cut the mint back it'll produce new foliage. It's not evergreen though. It's quite hard to kill, which is why it's a nuisance if it's in with other plants.   :)
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  • I heard that so I put it in pots😊 I’ll cut it back today as it’s a lovely morning.
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