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Harvesting flower seeds

Hi my name is Idrees, a student at the university of Huddersfield. I want to find out what are your frustrations when collecting seeds and if there are any ways it could make it easier.


  • Unless you can arrange the weather to suit, I'd suggest not ;)

    You can tie a paper bag over a seed head - that will work if it stays dry.
    You can collect seed pods when they are almost ripe and hang them up ( again in a paper bag ) somewhere dry.

    I don't think the average amateur gardener is that concerned.  More of a problem for a commercial grower and presumably they have suitable methods in hand :)

  • I just let mine seed themselves where they want. I can move/remove any plants that are in the way. Wildflowers look more natural if self sown and I like the serendipity of it.
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