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How early to put plants in the greenhouse

I have a new, bigger greenhouse. I have seedlings growing in a heated (min 14c) and very warm when sunny, garden room. When will it be safe to put them out in the unheated, but very sunny greenhouse (most of them will stay in the greenhouse) - tomatoes, cucumber, courgette (will go outside eventually), chillies, peppers etc.

Thank you


  • Hello Daisy Cottage image

    I would say it depends on where you live, and when you are likely to get your last frost? Greenhouses, if unheated, can get very chilly over night, so if it were me I'd wait another month, and then try putting in just one or two seedlings of each variety to begin with and see how they cope with the over night temperatures. You could also try covering them with fleece or newspaper over night if low temperatures are forecast.

    Good luck with your new greenhouse, and Happy Gardening!

  • Thank you - I'll look at getting some fleece as it will be usefull elsewhere too

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