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Hi.  I have two Nandinas and neither of them have changed colour over the last few years.  They were both in pots and I've now moved one into the garden.  Can anyone advise me what I might need to do to get the lovely orange and burgundy leaves..?  Thank you :)


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 7,234
    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    I had a Nandia for many years and it didn't often get good autumn colour.
    I think the colouration is dependant on soil conditions (an acid soil usually gives good autumn colour) and weather conditions (cooler = more colour)
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  • Thanks Pete for the welcome and the tips.  I've planted one of them, so will see if that changes the colour.  Have a lovely weeekend
  • PeggyTXPeggyTX Posts: 546
    Sunlight is what is key to good Nandina leaf color.  I have about 12 in-ground plantings of the 'Domestica Compacta Bamboo' variety in my side shady garden.  They thrive in our alkaline soil and must be pruned each year to be kept to 5-6' tall, but only those that are in the sunnier spots of that garden color nicely.  They all berry nicely though, as you can see. 

    In my front garden, I also have 6 of the 'Firepower' variety that are in 21" pots.  Sorry I don't have a photo of those, as my cameras are all down at our rural cabin.  Went off and forgot them yesterday.  The 5 "Firepowers' in full sun 3/4 of the day color brilliantly in the Fall (just beginning now) with reds, corals and oranges.  One of the pots, in full under tall shading trees shows leaf color, but exclusively dark burgundy and none of the orange/coral/red colors the others in sunshine show.  
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  • PeggyTXPeggyTX Posts: 546
    I might add, that the 5-6 of the 'Domestica compactas' planted 1 hour south on our rural property exhibit the same coloring patterns:  those in sunny spots color nicely; those on the shady side of the cabin do not.  And the soil down there is more acidic than here in the city.  I think sunlight really is the key, and you all get so much rainy/cloudy weather in the UK (why it is so lush and green compared to Texas) that might be why yours aren't coloring the way you'd like.  Just guessing there.
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