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planting out runner beans and courgettes

I am new to vegetable growing and would appreciate your advice.

I have grown runner beans and courgettes from seed. Is it safe to plant out now? 

thanks in advance


  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    I've been hanging on with mine but decided to plant both yesterday, they had been hardened off, but I decided if I waited any longer they'd go backwards. It's not been too cold the last few nights and the soil wasn't waterlogged. I did build up the soil around base of both as it was very windy last evening. They look fine this morning & gentle rain will do them good.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    It's such a funny year so far, but I think we have to get on with it if there is to be chance of getting crops - so like KEF I put all mine out over the weekend.  Maybe keep a bit of horticultural fleece or old net curtain to hand in case a chilly night is suggested, then you can nip out and cover them overnight if you think it necessary?  

  • newgreennewgreen Posts: 6

    Thanks KEF and Bookertoo. I shall get some horticultural fleece. 

  • I agree with KEF and Bookertoo. The weather was just too tempting this weekend to leave everything in the greenhouse and so I planted out MOST of the Toms, Courgettes etc. I also have the fleece on standby and did keep a few plants in the greenhouse just in case.

    I am usually an all or nothing person but think that it is not such a bad idea to occassionally sit on the fence when it comes to guessing the British weather. When I was at the GC this weekend they still had stacks of veg plants for sale and so if we do have a disaster within the next week or so, there will be plenty of time to replace as necessary.

  • Ian 4Ian 4 Posts: 26

    I leaving my toms and courgettes inside, still too cold at night. With to courgettes I have just been potting on & on, rather than risk them outside. My outdoor toms wont be out until the night temperatures above 10c constantly.

  • jo4eyesjo4eyes North East Derbyshire Posts: 2,053

    At w/end daughter planted out, plus a cloche cover, the courgettes tjhat I'd grown for her. They are already pretty big & I couldnt leave them any longer or transprting them would've been a nightmare. We're in NWest.

    This week the coldframes are staying wide open 24hrs! At least today wont need to water anything..... J.

  • John HardingJohn Harding Posts: 497

    I planted my runner beans out over a week ago & they are doing well, but we are in Bristol & the weather has been reasonable (no frosts). One thing about runner beans (I've been growing them every year since 1967) they do love plenty of moisture: I always dig a trench 2 spits (spade depths) deep and at least 1/2 fill it with organic matter, even shredded newspaper, anything that will hold water, then backfill with the soil tread it all down to firm it all and rake to a fine tilth then put the canes in (in an 'A' frame formation using 8 ft canes, then plant out the beans. This will prevent accidentally damaging the roots if you put the canes in afterwards. Don't forget to use whatever slug/snail deterent you prefer as your crop could be decimated, particularly if it rains hard as this will bring the little critters out in their droves.

    When the plants reach the top of the canes pinch out the growing tips and this will cause the plant to send out more runners increasing your crop. Also, keep picking when the beans are big enough to use, if you let the plant set seed they will have 'done their job' so to speak and production will slow right down.

  • newgreennewgreen Posts: 6

    thank you all for the helpful tips.

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