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Hello All,

Our garden fence and shed has some algae on it and was not painted for a while. Now the problem is, I like this "weathered" look, yet I think we have to paint it to protect the wood. I read you should use a fungicidial treatmet before painting otherwise the algae is coming back. Did anyone here ever paint without the fungicidial treatment? Will the paint still protect the wood if I do not use the fungicidial treatment. I like moss in the garden and I do not really know what to do with our fence and shed.

Thanks image


  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Just give it a scrub with jeyes and let it dry, then paint. If you don't protect it, it's just going to rot, fall apart and cost money to replace...sooner or later.

  • If it's a fairly sturdy shed and will stand it, give it the once-over with a jet washer, that will get rid of the algae.  Then give it a coat of paint, cuprinol do a range called 'shades' that is specifically for wood outside (sheds, fences, play houses etc), so you could pick a colour that you really like.  Fences don't have to be bright orange or brown or green any more, can be any colour you like.

    Have never used a fungicide on a shed before, but never had an algae problem.  I'd paint it and see what happens, then if the algae comes back, use a fungicide.  Don't know if outdoor timber paint contains one anyway - go to your local hardware store or B&Q and have a look at what it says on the tin.

  • KleeblattKleeblatt Posts: 52

    Thanks for your answers.

    I came across Algon and also have to clean the patio.

    I will try this first as we have cats and also next to the paved patio area sukkulents.

    Looks as if it can be used for the fence and shed too. But the algae might come back, which it might do anyways, as we obviously live in an area, which is prone to development of algae.

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