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Salvia problem

Type your message  I planted my first salvia this year - Black and Blue. It has taken and was doing well, but the stems keep breaking off for no reason (the winds are due where I live tomorrow, so not the wind). Almost as if they are too heavy for the plant, as they are breaking off right at the base. What could be causing this please?  


  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 1,876
    edited August 2020
    I've never had them break off at the base , maybe something is breaking them like a dog / cat / fox etc . what are you growing them in , to rich soil can can cause soft green growth. 
  • mmsj496mmsj496 Posts: 53
    It is in a soil border in a courtyard garden, so there are no animals that would be knocking them off.
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 7,288
    I think Black and Blue is particularly prone to breaking as the stems become very brittle. 
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 16,808
    Surprisingly mine are a bit slug chewed could be that.
    They're easy to do from cuttings so you could try some more. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • mmsj496mmsj496 Posts: 53
    Yes, I do have a few huge slugs hanging around and did wonder if they might be something to do with it.  At the moment it has only one rather thick central stem that the stems are falling off.  I will leave it now though this year, and see what happens next year when it comes up though.
  • Kat1989Kat1989 OxfordshirePosts: 51
    @mmsj496 I have exactly the same problem. They are all growing well but the stems just seem the break off sometimes. I thought it might have been foxes but now im not to sure. I have 3 different types of salvias and they all are doing this. Maybe its just salvias ?? 
  • mmsj496mmsj496 Posts: 53
    Today's casualty, along with what is going on at the bottom of its main, central stem.  Maybe it will do better next year, when there are more stems rising from the ground?
  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 3,058
    Are you giving them fertiliser? (What is in that suspicious green bottle!) If so, you should stop.
  • micearguersmicearguers CambridgePosts: 464
    My Black and blue is three years old, never noticed any brittleness and it survives gales just fine. This year I took a heel cutting that took quite easily. It is worth investigating whether slug damage or perhaps overly lush growth as @Loxley suggested could be factors. Is it in a sunny aspect, is the soil well drained and not too damp?
  • mmsj496mmsj496 Posts: 53
    Not fertiliser. The green bottle has home-made garlic spray in it that I use on my Hostas.
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