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Zahid_63cZahid_63c Posts: 61
I have raised garden beds(60cm wide and 5.5m long)either side of my garden(which is 5.5m wide)
I'd like suggestions as to what I should plant in the garden beds
Garden is south facing 
Ideally evergreens and low maintenance
I was thinking of a symmetrical theme on both side
Maybe a tree in middle and plants every metre or so,don't want to overcrowd it
P.s don't have a really big budget!! 


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,539
    Can you post some pictures of the space?
    Utah, USA.
  • Zahid_63cZahid_63c Posts: 61

  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,539
    What lovely beds you've made!  A tree in the middle of each would be great.. something small that would never get too large but would add height and interest.  Would a Amelanchier Lamarckii grow too large?  Magnolia ‘Caerhays Surprise’?  I'm sure others will have some great suggestions.  Not every green, as I think the lightness from bare branches will be welcome in the winter garden.  Save the everygreen for your shrubbery.  I would pop in a few tough perennial flowers that only need a yearly cutback in the spring?  And some spring bulbs for color before the perennial flowers get going.  Something that dies back gracefully or can be hidden by new growth of other plants.  
    Utah, USA.
  • Thanks,any more suggestions welcome 
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