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Crocosmia problem

Good evening all, I'm a newcomer to this, first garden and thought all was going well. I've had challenges but thus far most i've understood.

This however, I am lost

I have three crocosmia lucifers, two are thriving, large blooms and emerald green foliage. This one however has developed yellow streaked and tipped leaves over the last 48 hours. Also the flowers are dry before opening?

Any ideas? Ive only waters sparingly during the dry periods.


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,894
    I think you answered your own question. In a raised bed or tub, they are going to get dry.  Established plants can cope with some drought, but new plants or those in pots or raised beds need water.  Give it a deep soak until water is running out of the bottom, then leave for a week.
    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
  • My leaves have gone like that, I have been a bit lax with the watering lately, but the flowers are OK. I'm loving watching the bumble bees wiggling their white little bums out of the flowers as they gather nectar.
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