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Seedling ID

LatimerLatimer Latimer, BuckinghamshirePosts: 774
Hi all, another question!

It may be to early to identify but could anyone tell me if these are weeds or not? They have appeared recently in a terraced bed just below where i planted a foxglove that was just about to set seed. The bed is about 2m long but the seedlings are localised to this area. At the same time I planted the foxglove I had also collected some seeds and planted them in a seed tray, though they have only just started to appear, so are way behind these seedlings.


  • rock_henrock_hen Norwich, NorfolkPosts: 101
    they look like my forget me not seedlings, could it be that?
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 78,293
    You beat me to it @rock_hen ... I was just going to say that ...
    “I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie the Pooh

  • LatimerLatimer Latimer, BuckinghamshirePosts: 774
    @rock_hen it absolutely could, I had forget-me-not in there for a short while!!
  • LatimerLatimer Latimer, BuckinghamshirePosts: 774
    @Dovefromabove next time!! 😀
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