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I have been given a name for a rose I have seen near my home but cannot find it online anywhere.  It is a very tall rose over 6ft in a deep red with an open flower, delicate yellow stemens at the centre and multiple flower on each stem.  It is called Temptress (Korromalu) but i just cant find it anywhere.  Anyone have a clue?


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 4,001
    Are you in the UK? 

    As far as I can tell it's not been released here or it isn't currently offered, only in Canada and some other countries.. it's also known as 'Red Corsair'... 
  • Thanks for that but i have seen it locally to me in a garden 30 yds away.  The label gave a name but not the nursery or grower
  • Sorry, yes i'm in stockport cheshire
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 4,001
    ...perhaps the owner of the household might remember where they got it from? or could give you a piece to try and root?...  best of luck finding one... roses come and go commercially...
  • edhelkaedhelka GwyneddPosts: 1,468
    One list of suppliers
    Most probably out of stock from most of them.
    Thompson & Morgan seems to sell it too but out of stock at the moment.
    RHS lists the breeder code as 'korramal' which is probably a mistake but many nurseries seem to copy it.
  • thanks everyone.
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