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Fruit Tree Grafts - Healed but no shoots/ leaves or leaves died

JKAPooleJKAPoole Posts: 15
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I have grafted scions onto some of my fruit trees in late winter early spring. Ignoring the ones that are now sprouting nice green leaves or where the Scion did not bond to the stock tree and has now been removed...

On some, the grafts have healed, but no leaves formed on the Scion.

On some the grafts healed, but the leaves formed on the scion and then died after a few weeks.

It's there a possibility if the scions are still green/ alive inside that they may produce leaves next year? Or should they be removed?

Any advise would be appreciated.



  • Hiya James, I'm not an expert but have done quite a bit of research on the subject, is the parent plant healthy? The graft may have healed on the outside but the inside of the stem may not line up. Hope it helps 
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