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Strange raspberry flowers

I have lots of summer raspberries in the garden. Usually the flowers are not very visible - looking green like the rest of the plant. This year however, on the same plant I discovered branches with beautiful white flowers (see first picture) and others with the usual green type of flowers (see second picture). As raspberries are not grafted, I was wondering how it is possible to get two different types of flowers on the same plant. Anyone any ideas?



  • SkandiSkandi Northern DenmarkPosts: 1,483
    Are you sure it's on the same plant? I would suspect a weed has gotten into your raspberries. There are flowering raspberry types but it does indeed seem odd that one would just appear.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 8,807
    There are lots of blackberries (brambles) in flower where I walk with my dog and the flowers look very similar, but they're not double flowers like yours.
    Maybe you're in for a big surprise! :)
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  • mrtjformanmrtjforman Posts: 331
    raspberries always have white flowers. They only stay on the plant for a couple of weeks though, then they fall off (after bees have pollinated them) and all that is left is the green petals you are referring to.

    So I would guess the only difference this year is that you are in lockdown to have spotted the white flowers before they have fallen off.
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