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Cheap petrol scarifier

Julie-GJulie-G Scotland-LothiansPosts: 9
Have any of you any experience of either of the following two scarifiers:

Einhell GC-SC 2240P - £250 
feider fst212 - £300

Both petrol scarifiers similar size, I have been using a borrowed electric, however thinking of a petrol one of our own.

Major work on a 250m^2 lawn, then of infrequent use - unable to hire a decent petrol one locally - and all the reviews say they are blunt and useless anyway, so looking to buy a cheap one ourselves.
Lazy - Located in Scotland, the Lothians.


  • aztecjonaztecjon Posts: 1
    Hi Julie. 
    Yes I run a lawn care company. The Einhell is a brilliant bit of kit. I would suggest not using the basket as it fills up too easily. 

  • Julie-GJulie-G Scotland-LothiansPosts: 9

    I went ahead with the Einhell, agree wholeheartedly - Lawn completely de-mossed - just waiting for the Iron sulphide to dissipate before I add pre-seed feed then overseed.

    I have a couple of minor gripes - the wheels clog up a bit and soil/thatch/moss jams between the front left wheel and the belt cover - but minor things really. 
    Lazy - Located in Scotland, the Lothians.
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