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How do I care for these succulents?

My neighbour donated to me two terracotta pans with succulents in for the garden tabletop.  I am unsure how to care for them now the winter is coming.  I've put them in the cold frame, but while some bits are healthy, others look brown.  Any ideas what I should do to care for them, either now, or in the spring?  Thanks 


  • These look like hardy Sedum's to me.  As long as they have good drainage in the pot, you should be able to leave them outside.  The cold frame will give them added protection, but the soil may dry out so make sure to give them the occasional water during Winter, just to keep the soil slightly moist (but definitely not wet).  Cold they don't mind, wet they do.
  • Thank you, how quick!  What about the brown bits? Do I trim these in the spring ?

  • If the brown bits have a rosette on the end of them, that's new growth - if you have the room, small pots of gritty soil, poke the stems in and wait.
    Brown bits with no growth - nip them off and discard 
  • Ah that's great, I'll try propagating.  Thank you so much
  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 5,157
    Looks like a bit of a mixture to me. I can see some sedums, some sempervivums and what looks like saxifage in there too. They're all hardy but have different care requirements in terms of water to some degree.
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