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    Good afternoon . I have been reading most of the day . Lots to do outside , no chance of that at the moment . Had my nose in a new knitting book for the last couple of hours . Rebecca is very happy that her home is warm at last . Joyce steady as you go on these darker days . LB 😂.
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     Alfie is  at Rubees socialising and enjoying the attention.  He's had a good brushing from me and is having his treats.  He's enjoying the cat company at the moment except from the odd growl from Casper.  We had egg and chips for tea cooked by dad which was lovely.  LB you can give your hand a rest now and curl up with Lily.   Have a good evening.
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    Evening Everyone,
    Joyce unfortunately we still have black bags for our household waste. The school attracts foxes as we have large grounds and some areas are purposely left wild, they usually stay hidden when the children are out 😀
    LB That cartoon is excellent 😂 how are you feeling, did you pmanage a little power nap?
    Rebecca Brilliant news that you are enjoying hot water and heating at long last, Alfie sounds very comfy too. Yes I have made a start on C shopping, just a few bits so far. 
    Rubee sounds like you’ve had a nice day, shame you couldn’t get outdoors but some reading/ planning instead,
    Ante you have plenty of company there with all your furry friends, will you spend C*******s at your cottage? 
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    Great cartoon LB😂😂😂

    Rebecca - Glad you’re nice and warm. Hope Alfie’s home soon - you’ll be missing his snuggles.

    It has been dark and dank here today and the drive is covered in leaves again 🤬, however .... It was nice to see my friend this afternoon and downstairs is nice and clean. Upstairs tomorrow.

    Heaven is ... sitting in the garden with a G&T and a cat while watching the sun go down
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    Ante, I have finished all of my C*******s cards (yay!). Cakes are made and I just have to add marzipan and icing to complete mine. I want to make some mince pies too. Yes, I can imagine what it would be like to have all those pets 'pooting' nearby.
    Anyone heard from Chey. I think his new game has swallowed him up. He makes the briefest of appearances and then flits away again. As long as he lets us know he is OK.

    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
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    Actually I'm not feeling great! Was burning up all night and felt really lightheaded so taking it easy today. No college for me tonight!

    And my game is already completed  :)
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    Night night Hazel.
    Chey, good to see you but not so good to hear your fever news. Remember me warning you about antibiotics? It could be a reaction to the penicillin. Take care.
    Please excuse me whilst I go out to get a branch to thrash my printer which has just decided to play up. It keeps telling me its 'Out of Paper' when its got enough in it to give it indigestion. Wretched machinery! It is 6 years old so maybe it has decided to go to the big printer graveyard in the sky. Rats and double rats!
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    LB, our printer is forever telling us it’s out of paper. A quick shuffle of the paper without adding any and it decides it’s not out of paper after all. You have to be devious with these machines.
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    Tried that Lants. Tried little stacks, big stacks, fresh paper. Turning off and on, updating, running the HP print and scan doctor. Swearing, threatening and now its definitely the branch thrashing!
    Cacoethes: An irresistible urge to do something inadvisable
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    I can offer you a wide range of glues to squirt over it, LB.
    Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland 🌞  
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