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Bidens beedance cuttings.

LongvillLongvill Forest of Dean Posts: 33
edited November 2019 in The potting shed
Could anyone advise on what to do with these cuttings. I took them late in the year as I thought I had nothing to lose by doing so. I have lots of little plants growing though they are very leggy. Should I pot them on and pop them in the green house for winter?? That have been on the window sill till now. 


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 47,840
    Hi @Longvill. It's not something I grow, but I think you'll need to pinch them out to prevent them getting more leggy. Someone else who grows them might be able to advise better though.
    I always thought they were annuals, so they'd need enough warmth to keep them alive if that's the case. 
    Certainly, if they have rooted well, it would be better to pot them on, and get them somewhere that they can stay steady, and not too wet over winter. 
    If nothing else, my post will bump your query up, and others might be able to help better than me.  :)
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  • LongvillLongvill Forest of Dean Posts: 33
    Thanks for your input. I am going to pot them on and take it from there. Here’s hoping they make it through the winter. I was really surprised they all rooted so well. 😃😃
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