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When to trim lavender

EmerionEmerion Posts: 158
I planted a row of lavender hidcote about  a year ago. It’s filled out a bit towards the low hedge that I want. I’ve been told to trim it low but still into green stems after the flowers are finished, so that it can put on fresh growth and look good for the winter. The thing is it’s still got flowers on it in mid-November - I dead headed it for a while.  Should I have trimmed by a certain time regardless of remaining flowers? Is it too late?


  • HelixHelix 704m altitude...Posts: 630
    Hmmm.Depends what weather is like round your way.  You either need to do it early enough so that new shoots can harden off a bit, or late enough that there will ne no new shoots (and equally no severe frost to cause die back of cut stems.  

    I cut it in late summer regardless of flowers (except for the ones that I leave for insects that I trim in spring).  The ones I cut off are perfect for using in the house. 
  • EmerionEmerion Posts: 158
    Thanks, that’s really helpful.  I think I’ll leave it spring , but do it in late summer next year. 
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