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Hi I'm looking to redo my garden at the minute and would like some help in compiling a list of dog friendly plants, I have a springer spaniel who likes to grab a mouthful of grass on walks so expect her to do same in garden although I will deter this I don't want any harm doing to her if she does. Hope you can help me. Thanks 


  • I'd always understood that dogs would eat grass to aid their digestion - ie to help them vomit and cleanse their system.
    I think you may find it difficult to compile a list of Dog Friendly plants as such.  Do you intend to let your dog in the garden on her own ?  If you have had her for long enough I'd assume you would know what she was likely to go for in a garden ?  
    Think about what plants YOU would like in the garden and go on from there.  Have a trawl thru some of the threads on here - lots of dog owners who also garden - plenty of hints and advice available.
    Just bear in mind, you are the only one who knows your dog's propensities for eating any natural growth :)
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    Quite a list that, while not a plant per se I was quite surprised at raisins being potentially fatal.
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    One wonders  that we even have dogs to this day given all those killer plants out there.
    Maybe they've evolved to NOT eat them? Just a thought.
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    I've had dogs for 20 years and have lots of dog-toxic plants in my garden.
    Neither dog has been poisoned, yet both were/are keen grass munchers.
    Most toxins are bitter or unpleasant, and dogs seem to know which to avoid.
    I leave a patch of grass to grow long at the end of the lawn and she munches away on that and spends ages munching grass on the fields most days.
    And when the runner beans are ready, I never seem to get any beans below dog height....
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  • Classic - my dog has a thing for fig leaves which are supposed to be an irritant for dogs. Every dog breed is different some are more careful than others about what they will eat. I would have a dog area where you grow some juicy grasses (or just don't mow). If you give your dog a patch they can use for grass when they feel like it, they are less likely to try your other plants. 
  • There's another recent thread about dogs and plants, consensus there is they are very unlikely to eat anything bad and I agree. (I have a sprocker - spaniels rock :-D) As I said there, be cautious when gardening, if they're curious about what you are doing they may pick up bulbs etc. 

    If your springer is a typical live-wire you might want to think about robust plants and avoid anything too delicate or easily trampled! I also put iron hoops across the front of one of my borders to stop my spaniel charging through after piegons and squirrels. Not sure if that'll work for a long-legged springer though!
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