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Why May?



  • My favourite month is September.  The days are still long, sunshine and rain in equal measure, the smell of growing things in the mornings with a cold nip in the air to invigorate you.  The smell in the woods as the trees start to put on their colourful autumn coats, and a few leaves starting to drop.  Lots to do in the garden as you harvest veg, all your hard work starting to pay off.  Harvest festival celebrations at Church and in School.

    Towards the end of the month, the first early frosts truly marking the end of summer, and the smell of woodsmoke as the autumn bonfires replace summer BBQ's, the tidying up and readying of beds and manuring and planning for next year.  The glorious riot of colour if you're lucky enough to have to drive past woods or forest to and from work.  Clocks not going back yet, so still light, and occaisonally having to light the fire and getting cosy inside.  I love the slowing down of nature in September, it's not quite summer, but not quite bare and cold like late autumn.  The smell of autumn is one I love.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 36,250

    VP-I agree with you about Autumn. The colours and that low glinting sun-if we get it!- is lovely. Up here we often get really nice spells in late August and September and although it means winter's not long in coming it's also the chance to review everything and start making plans for the following year. image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

  • mummy-muddy-paws you hit thenail on the ead, we got married in sept for all of those reasons, i also love the smell of bonfires and open fires in the lounge. 


    easch of us has our own favourite months or seasons, some it brings back wonderful memories, for others its what it brings.   its lovely hearing why certain months or seasons are so special. 


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