runner beans and when to take down.

My runner beans do not seem to have any more flowers on them but are still lusciously green leaved. Will more flowers appear seeing as we are now into mid September or is it time to take them down to make space for something else to plant. Any advice please.


  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,019
    I took the last of mine down today as the late runners were tough and inedible. I doubt you will get more flowers, but if you can still find tender young beans then keep them going as long as you can.
    SW Scotland
  • I don't grow Runners but my Dwarf beans are coming to an end now - still picking a few but I purposely leave 2 or 3 plants to produce bean seeds for next year.
    If no flowers are showing now, I doubt whether you will get any at this time. 
    Always seems unkind to dig up green stuff that has served you well but that's the name of the game :)
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