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Freezing cherry tomatoes



  • You can just freeze tomatoes in bags and then use them for cooking, but if you want to save space, they are much more compact when cooked and reduced. I sometimes just boil them up until they're thick and gloppy, then freeze in cartons, or I cook them up with onions and herbs, or with onions and courgettes and peppers to make a basic sort of ratatouille, or with carrots to make a base for a nice soup. (Can you guess I have a huge crop of tomatoes? ).
  • PennypitstopPennypitstop Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.Posts: 29
    If i havent got time to make soups or sauces i freeze any tomatoes rather than letting them go to waste. They are still good for sauces cooked slowly with lots of garlic, olive oil and oregano !!! taste of summer !!.
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