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Merlot Grape

I've got a merlot grape vine that is inundated with bunches this year, I suspect far too many for it to be viable. Should I take off perhaps 50%?


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 1,160
    It depends. Usual unhelpful answer of course but it will depend on location, the age of the vine, how it is pruned, how many bunches you have. You won't do any harm by removing 50% and it will help ripen the rest. Some canopy management will also be required as merlot is not essy to ripen in the UK.
  • BLTBLT Posts: 525
    Sound advice to me. I wanted to grow a pukka grape vine and last year was staying in St Emillion. I thought I would be able to bring home some bare root vines but they were sold in july.. So good luck with your vine. It should produce a nice soft red wine.. The very best of luck.. I guess I will be brwing alcoholic Ginger Beer again..
  • Mr chipsMr chips Posts: 11
    Hmmm.  I have removed a bit of  greenery and most of the 'growing' heads. Last year I had about 15 bunches and all ripened well (but I didn't get drunk when I ate them) :( Normally two bottles merlot and I'm anybodies! lol
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