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Pruning espalier apple

I planted two espalier trees this year. They have two sets of lateral branches. I know want to start the third. When do I prune the main stem to create side shoots. Is it now. 


  • Look on the that website. New tires you do in winter, in summer you prune side shoots growing off the tiers
  • Silly autocorrect, r h s
  • mikebez1mikebez1 Posts: 16
    Hi. I have read the rhs but still don’t get it. When do I prune the main stem on an espalier to promote side growth. Ie. A new level for my espalier. Is it now or in January’s. 
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 66,307
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    “In November cut back the central leader to within 18” of the lower arm, leaving three good buds to form new central leader and two new horizontal arms.”

    extract from Growing Fruit by Harry Baker published by the RHS.

     This should be your bible if you’re  growing trained fruit trees. 
    It has clear diagrams and concise directions. 
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  • Shaping happens over winter
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