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Plants just dumped in stores not looked after-Anyone notice this



  • cyprycypry Posts: 21
    I doubt they are the ones taking the loss Peggy.
    Chances are, they are on a sale or return contract...
  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 1,286
    It is a bit of a lottery.
    I dislike seeing plants abused or badly cared for.

    I use local Morrisons for weekly shop.
    Last year they had a really good staff member in charge who took good care of the plant area outside. She was a gardener.
    She is no longer there and the plant area is awful now, a very sad waste.

    Same with a local B and Pooh.
    Last year a lady who was really knowledgeable kept the plants in top condition. The cut price save me area was brilliant too.

    I went for a new broom a few weeks ago .
    A "detour" took me through the plant area, some young girl was watering the plants over head in the sun with a spray gun set on what looked like mist. The pots and compost were dry.

    We do have a good family run garden centre who brings a lot of stock in, which is taken care of and big glasshouses for bedidng etc.
    They do take care of the plants and are (I think)  reasonably priced.
    Though they stock (as an example) DA roses at the premium  price in DA pots, they also have some older varieties at a lower price.

    I bought Olivia Rose Austin from a bay across from their DA section at £18 instead of the usual £24.
    Cracking plant.
    Sorry wrote too much
  • scatpep54scatpep54 Somerset Posts: 11
    What really annoys me is my Local Tesco have outside plants for sale but insist on having them in the middle of the store where its hot and don't bother to water them. Today there were "Gardeners world" hanging baskets dumped on a rack. The price was£15 but the condition they were in was not worth £15 and the soil was bone dry. they could have had them outside in the entrance canopy where they have all the compost bags. This would have been at a cooler temperature which would imitate the actual temperature that these hanging baskets would be acclimatised to
    I agree, all of the supermarkets are guilty of this..... I have rescued a few whilst refusing to pay the full price..... some are saved, some are not. It is really annoying
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen Spain.Posts: 4,708
    Over here plants are never discounted, some just save them up for next year and put them out again - I recognise them! The locals rarely buy perennials (it’s all shrubs, tea roses and acres of bedding plants). The GC’s get a mixed bunch of perennials in, within which you can find the odd gem and thats it.

    I have discovered where the rest go to die... a tatty GC on an industrial estate. Its a bit discounted, but not much, for a dry, dead-looking stump. I don’t think they even know you are meant to dead head - these sad specimens have the dead stalks and shrivelled flower heads still on. 
  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 144
    The problem is the plants usually are "sale or return" so the stores don't give a hoot!
  • *Astrantia**Astrantia* Posts: 149
    My daughter had a Saturday job in a local garden centre it had a big plant area but most ode the profits were from the cafe and the tat they sold in the shop if the customer saw the large cheap cardboard boxes the ornaments etc stamped made in China they might think again!

     The plants were well looked after but most of the staff in the plant area were semi retired & worked part time but had an interest in plants.

    i know 2 people who work in the supermarket sector both for different companies but if we all knew the extent of wastage there would and should be public outrage. I know there’s some of them donating to food banks but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    There is enormous amounts of food wastage & unfortunately the plants are just part of it.

    It’s when I hear about food being left outside defrosting or chilled produce in the sun it shocks me! head office over order then there’s not enough room at the store to put the food anywhere. The fridges and freezers are already bulging so it sits outside or at best under tarpaulins. We are funnelled into the front of supermarkets we don’t see out the back!

    Many stores have been cut to the bone re staff levels too all to save costs and pay shareholders so very often there’s no staff free to unload the lorries or accept the delivery! You couldn’t make it up ! Many Staff are on minimum wage & just don’t have any incentive to bother watering plants let alone be given the time to care for them.
    sorry for the rant too!
  • Friend of mine offered to take two trollies of fruit maiden whips off their hands as they wanted to plant an orchard got about 50 trees that needed a lot of TLC for very little money (20pounds) good watering and immediate planting saved all but two.three seasons later lots of lovely fruit has sat
  • Johnprescott929Johnprescott929 HuddersfieldPosts: 18
    I see it as an opportunity to barter and get the price reduced, and offer the plants a better life in my garden. Due to them being poorly looked after, great reductions can be had, however, depending on the plant and condition, some losses too!
  • Mike AllenMike Allen Posts: 199
    Having read through this thread.  It can bee seen that all contributors have a real live passion for plants, it is, as if we can hear the mournful cries of wilfully neglected plants crying out.  Help me, save me.

    I would like to see legislation banning super markets from selling vegative plants.
  • yorkshireroseyorkshirerose North YorkshirePosts: 574
    So would I. They should stick to selling food only. 
    A gardener's work is never at an end  - (John Evelyn 1620-1706)
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