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Taking cutings

am I right in thinking June is a good month to take some shrub cuttings? 


  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 16,926
    What kind of shrubs?

    People who talk about taking cuttings often refer to the ideal cutting being one taken from semi-ripe wood.

    June is a bit early in the year for the wood to be semi-ripe.

    The French have a much more helpful term than “semi-ripe”.  

    They refer to an ideal cutting being taken when it is “aoûté”.

    Août is the French word for month of August.

    “Aoûté” literally means that the cutting has been “Augusted” - it translates into English as “lignified”, which is another way of saying “semi-ripe.”

    I don’t know which shrubs you want to take cuttings from, but I would follow the French and let the month of August pass first.🙂
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  • I want to take cuttings from all my favourite shrubs in my garden to get a stock of nice plants to sell for my charity. 
    I know they take a long time so wanted to start early to get maximum growth ASAP. 
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