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Infected apple tree

Hi all, any ideas what this might be? We have about 7 apple trees in the garden, this is affecting one in a group of three. It's the one which had the worst yield last year by far. I'm not sure if the aphids are related or not. Thank you!


  • The photos didn't upload first time - hopefully they'll work this time!
  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 17,949
    It’s been a terrible year for aphids. A very mild winter let them survive in huge numbers. 

    The beasties are aphids.

    The brown necrotic patches may be apple scab. They may be weather damage. They may be the result of the aphids draining the sap out of the leaves.

    Never fear.

    The tree will grow new leaves. The aphids will be eaten by birds, by hoverfly larvae, by ladybird larvae.

    All things must pass.
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  • Thank you! If it's something that's likely to pass that's fine by me - the birds can have a feast! I was worried it might just get worse and worse each year if i left it 🙂
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