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Last year we took up a bamboo hedge because it was spreading to our lawn and to next the door garden.  This year there are about 30 bamboo shoots growing on the lawn.  We have tried Roundup gel and also frequent mowing to no avail.  Our garden is open for the NGS at the start of August so we do not wish to dig the lawn up. Help!


  • we11ingtonwe11ington Posts: 28
    bamboo is hollow.. drip neat glyphosate down inside each stem wait a week and mow again.
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,965
    The sheer strength and reknowned flexibility of bamboo is derived from the spindle-shaped  (fusoid) cells in the stems .
    Very difficult to break or cut ; so contrary to my philosophy I agree with the above post by we11ington .
    We were extracting some large Fargesia plants from a garden a few weeks ago ; very old and well established ( a euphemism for out of control)! .
    Utilising the combined efforts of large wrecking-bars and mattocks , we managed to tear up the formidable root-systems which to me were reminiscent of thick vertebrae .
    Good luck with them !
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