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Plum tree leaves

I have a problem with my plum tree with leaves turning brown and dry and shrivelled The tree is of great sentimental value as it was planted by my late wife so, if possible, I would like to keep it. Can anyone advise me please. 


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    Can you post any photo's?  If so, one of the whole tree and then close-ups of the affected leaves and the trunk/branches would give us something to go on.  If you can't upload any, can you tell us if is it in the ground or in a pot?  Lots of recent posts about fruit trees are showing lack of water as a big issue for many.
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    That photo only shows one leaf, quite difficult to know if it's had aphid damage. Will need a few more photos of more leaves. But I think more likely bacterial/fungal leaf spot too. Any damage to the trunk and branches? What's the soil like? If it is something like shot hole infection, it's likely to strike where there are crowded branches where leaves hold onto water.

    Poor drainage in shade can also be an issue. You may need to annually prune out crowded branches to allow air and light in. Promptly remove fallen leaves at the end of the year. This will reduce the chances of re-infection and limit spread.
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    Thanks a lot. That's really helpful
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