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  • HELP FIRSTtime growing aubergines and dont know how many flowers to leave on picture would be nice or step by step book
  • I enjoyed a melon from Tesco so much that I sowed some of its seeds in my greenhouse. I now have masses of leaves but no melons!
    Can someone give me some advice please.
    What must I do to get the melons?
  • i had an 8ft x 6ft greenhouse. i loved it. one day one pain of glass was smashed. then another so i just put sume plastic over it. then another i went to work and the lads that go in and tidy gardens up. told me they have found a 10ft x 6ft greenhouse in very good condition. so they came to the house to give me it. so itook my one down. and i put it on the back of the wagon to get rid.i was so made up. i put every thing out to put up. i could not believe it. a 10ft greenhouse . i got the frame up. now fore the glass. there was only half of the glass there. and what made it worse there was no door. i took a greenhouse down that only had a few panes of glass gone before this one. i kick my self now why didn't i look to see if it was all there. well i have got a new one now. so if any one says to you they have got a greenhouse for you check it first. don't do what i did
  • i have an 8x4 green house which i grow all my seeds and cutings from. i put my tree ferns in it in the winter and all my tender plants aswell i have started an allotment in northwood kirkby nr liverpool and that is run by girls and they are only ther once a week and they have a pollytunel about 30 ft long and they dont use it to what it shuld be so i have just done 170 cutings of diferent plants for them its like being in the bigest greenhouse but it is lonly tanks
  • i splashed out and bought an expensive 24' x 12' cedar greenhouse on a brick base and i've had nothing but problems with it. i have gaping holes in the automatic roof vents and around the doors which i'm told by the manufacturer they can do nothing about. it also produces a huge amount of condensation which i'm sure will rot the cedar in time and i'm told this also is normal. my main problem though is heating - the heater provided had to be fixed by an electrician initially as wasn't working at all and it now only blows out cold air. it also sits under the roof vent so even if it produced heat, the heat would just go out of the roof. i've had to disconnect the clips so that the roof vent doesn't open should it decide to produce any heat! i wonder if anybody else has had similar problems, what can be done about the gaps and, mainly, can anybody suggest an efficient form of heating. i've lost so many plants already that even having spent a lot of money, i'm still bringing my plants into the house to protect them!
  • I have no room for a permanent greenhouse so purchased the plastic variety last year. I started to grow peppers, cucumbers, toms and forced some beetroot in there as well. I was unfortunately too late in the year and although everything grew (from seed) the weather started closing in too quickly. Any tips on how to grow as much as possible and when? I have the bug, just not a lot of room to do it.
  • It would be nice to have a picture of Pippa's greenhouse.
  • Hi Pippa,

    I am looking to buy a greenhouse. I looked on 'Which' so I now have a basic idea of what I need to look out for. But I am still struggling because the prices vary so much. Whats an average price to pay for an aluminium 6x8 with toughen glass? And what should I ensure the greenhouse includes ? I am new to gardening and desperate to get started. I need a greenhouse to stop the dog eating and digging up everything I plant :(.

    I hope you can help
  • I was so excited when I collected a  2nd hand octagonal greenhous from an older lady who could no longer look after it.  My husband and I gently took it all apart to transport home but also noticed how a lot of wood will need replacing.  Does anybody know a suppliers where I can purchase spare parts - wood and screws.


    Thank you debbie  

  • Norm2Norm2 Posts: 86

    Hi look up timber merchants in your area for the wood and hardware store for the screws, hinges etc, these will be much cheaper than the big diy shops.

    Problem I see is some of the timber may need to be planed to shape or rebated to match the profile of the original for it to look right and fit together well. You'll either have to do this yourself or get in a professional if it's beyond your diy capabilities which it sounds like it may be. A local joinery shop may be able to source and profile the timber for you if you take the rotted sections to them for matching. The alternative is to carefully cut out the rotted sections treat the remaining timber and patch it up letting in new timber as required, there are some excellent fillers available today which you could then apply and sand to shape once set but you would need to then paint the whole structure for it not to look unsightly. Unfortunately timber and the british climate do not go well together and constant treatment and maintence is required hence the use of cedar or hardwood in high class structures and the rise in Aluminium and UPVC products.

    hope this is of some help




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