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  • Im really a little shocked that people are trying to grow anything without the thought of what they're sowing/planting the seeds/plants in,
    gardening has the same problem as humans have when eating junk food and getting all out of shape & ill through that practice,
    If you honestly think these big stores are interested in whats in the cheap compost they're selling you then your wrong and its you who'll pay the price.
    Good compost is'nt cheap but it has all the info on the bags and if you make your own "adding" those extra's as needed to your compost such as Lime etc fish/bone/blood and read the needs of every plant your planting then your doing the job these cheap compost are not doing.

    My very strong advice is during those long winter nights is to get yourself into reading the
    books ref your future plants and what they need, you'll be amazed what you learn,
    Some of it will make you smile ie Asprin for plants ??? Or feed your plants Milk ??
    Increase both the rose bud size and yeald of the roses by using Epson salt ??

    Ive been reading and practising verious methods for years now and all learnt by many a famouse gardener,
    My many books have been put together by a selection of people on many subjects years ago and a lot of these books are real 5inch thick books of days long gone unlike the modern books that dont have enough basic details in them but a load of  A4 size pictures of the writer and a few of the likes of a cabbage/ lettuce etc.
    A lot of my books came from verious Animal rescue shops/red cross shops/ Cancer research shops etc and all once belonged to serious gardening folk "but" are no longer required "And when they we're printed they cost a small fortune, I paid a lot less and have learnt so much for my efforts in both buying them and spending many a winters evening
    infront of the log fire Learning.
    Try what im saying and i'll bet you never buy anymore junk cheap furry compost that stinks when it get free from its bag.

    Take it from me im giving you good advice.

  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 19,472
    Sometimes people can only afford cheap compost, they try to make the most of things within their budget. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,396
    Surely compost is just that composted vegetative material, sure manufactures can add fertilisers but basically plants grow in soils of all types you can always add fertility to it in one way or another.
  • Lyn said:
    Sometimes people can only afford cheap compost, they try to make the most of things within their budget. 

    And a lot of people look at picture's on bags and dont ever bother to read what compost they're spending money on and then complain they're plants have died or the seeds sown didnt germinate,
    No thought as to why buy Seed compost in the first place,
    No one's saying gardening is without its problems,
    But if your interested in learning you'll save money when buying good quality materials and plants etc and by doing so your not wasting your hard earned cash (you'll have something to show for your efforts)
  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,052
    This year I have tried three products from Lidl:

    Forest Bark was very good. Dark and well shredded.
    Grandiol MPC. Not bad, but used more for bulk mixed with JI or Levingtons.
    Grandiol Peat Free MPC. Very poor, just sawdust really.

    I favour Levingtons mixed with JI 2 or 3 for a reliable potting on mix.

    SW Scotland
  • I have just bought 6 bags of Grandiol Tub and Basket compast (20 litre) which claims to be made totally from sphagnum peat and on opening one of the bags it seems to look and feel ok.
    It has only a fresh smell so I am presuming this "quality" compost is what it says on each bag.
    I try to avoid buying non peat compasts but with only mixed success so I thought I'd get rid of my poor quality peatless composts by mixing them together and the combined quality seems much improved.
    And no nails or plastic bits so far either.
  • K67K67 Leicestershire Posts: 2,508
    I try to avoid buying non peat compasts
    Aren't we supposed to be buying PEAT FREE?
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