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Increase your windowsill growing space - tip :-)

Just wanted to share a little hack I proudly invented last weekend for increasing windowsill space - ikea variera shelf inserts £2 each, one upside down on top of the other effectively doubles your space - you can screw the legs together so very sturdy - no ikea nearby or id have it running all the way along the window, but in case it helps anyone running out of windowsills for seedlings! :-:smile:


  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 9,804
    Clever 👍🏻  Love to see windowsills bursting with life 🌱🌱🌱
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  • purplerallimpurplerallim LincolnshirePosts: 4,009
    Great idea @fizzwhizz 😃
  • fizzwhizzfizzwhizz Posts: 94
    thanks i was pleased when i thought of it although expect there is a cheaper way to do it :-) just wanted to contribute something as i am always getting advice from everyone on here but not really providing anything in return except a lot of smiley faces and "thank you"s! :-)
  • debs64debs64 West Midlands, on the edge of the Black Country Posts: 3,778
    Good idea FW, maybe I can reclaim just enough of the dining table to eat my breakfast now! 
  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 18,904
     Brilliant idea,   I always use the veg/meat supermarket trays as well. 
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  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 1,503
    What a good idea. So neat and tidy. Doesn't sound that expensive. 
    You can click on the smileys just above where you post. Yours appear as from the keyboard unless you prefer them that way.  :)
  • fizzwhizzfizzwhizz Posts: 94
    hi Fran, yes i need to start doing that!  :D:D:D
  • Fran IOMFran IOM Posts: 1,503
     You have started now  :) Also if you are on a laptop on "edit" you have an even wider choice but maybe you already know that. I am just a learner.
  • HazybHazyb Posts: 329
    Great tip. Looks like it would take a makeshift shelf across the middle too for smaller pots. 

    I’ve been looking for ways to utilise more of the window sill as mine are narrow but don’t want something ugly. I like what you have done. 
  • fizzwhizzfizzwhizz Posts: 94
    Glad its helpful @Hazyb :) - yes i am the same, i want it to look nice if i am going to be blocking the window but pinterest only yielded expensive contraptions which i have not the time / money / wish to drill into my walls for :) the smaller shelf, the ikea shelves are only about 16cm high so just one blocks a bit too much light / leaves on the seedlings i found which is why i went for the doubled up option - the pots in my picture are 7.5cm ones if that helps
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