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Growing in a greenhouse?

What   do you grow in your greenhouse?I ask because  I have four greenhouses.these are only small .I'm wondering about demolishing  these four and getting one large greenhouse.but at moment I use one for ,cucs, melons,and aubergines. 
I grow  tomatoes, peppers,in another. The next i use for germination as I have electric propagators,so half the year it is full of just trays of seedlings. And the fourth is for large plants succulents ,cactie,and anything else I can accomidate. My question is this   ' if I go ahead to change for a larger greenhouse would I be able to continue as I do now , or would I be limited?
What do you use your greenhouse for ?
Your answers will help me decide ,should I or shouldn't i??????


  • I think you've answered a lot of your own questions, but you are very lucky to have four though it must need a lot of maintenance. I would keep as many as you can., if only because you can have different conditions, one shaded, one hot and dry but unheated, one kept just frost-free and one heated....Good luck
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