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Hebe Pink Candy - Pruning advice

I have a Hebe Pink Candy (I think) hedge - They have been planted for around 5 years and are now just a little too tall. They have thrived in both the beds they are in and I recently removed 2 in the summer due to their growth.

I wish to remove around 20cms from the top of ones that sit by a window as they are now over the sill, is there anything I need to keep in mind to ensure I don't see them off?

I plan on doing this in early spring, after the last of the frost.


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 10,172
    Hebe's are slightly awkward to prune I find. I read somewhere that it's better if you  reach carefully into the middle of the bush and prune out selected shoots close to the main stem, rather than give it a short back and sides.  I don't know whether that would work for you?
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