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2018 Reflections (a.k.a. Friday night not the same without beer)



  • Love the suggestions @Bee witched 

  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 7,066
    Last year was a building site, this year, hubby has laid foundation pad for new summerhouse, which should be delivered and erected next Monday, area around it is much like a building site, ordered it 2 months ago, cant wait! Something to do with cracking eggs to make omelets methinks! Shall be sitting in there in wamer days I hope.Maybe sitting planning next years beds!
  • @Nanny Beach I had to demolish my summer house to allow access for the builders!  :(

    It was a bit rotten in places anyway but would love a new one like you.  At my local Wyevale GC they have an amazing (and I’m not quite sure how to describe this) thatched outdoor garden dining area.  Would only set me back £15k.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 7,066
    1634 sounds wonderfull, where we walk the dogs on the beach at Eastbourne, there are shelters, that have thatched rooves, young chap all the way drom Dorset thatching last year, said he could do ours, yeah, when I win the lotto!  We looked a yurts at Hampton Court they were about 7 grands beautifully made, but still way out of our price range.
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