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New Zealand fern - Winterising

TerrysWorldTerrysWorld South MonmouthshirePosts: 131
As this is the first year I’ve had my fern in a full summer and full of leaf. 
Now I’m looking to put it in the shed for the winter. 
As it still has all its full green leaves. Should I leave them to die off in the shed or remove them at the base as previous have been cut at its trunk before going into the shed in its fleece. 


  • TerrysWorldTerrysWorld South MonmouthshirePosts: 131
    Forgot to say its a Dicksonia Antarctica Tree in a pot.
  • treehugger80treehugger80 Posts: 1,923
    if its in a pot it makes life a lot easier when i comes to protection,
    does your shed have windows?
    if it does leave the leaves on (or cut them back halfway if its not going to fit) and protect the top foot of the trunk and about 6 inches ave where the leaves are coming out of the crown (that's the most important part of a tree fern). usually wrapping it in horticultural fleece works well, if its inside then there's no need to stuff the crown as rainwater ingress won't be a problem.
    you will however need to water it if there's a few days expected without frost as the top needs to be kept damp.
    if the shed is windowless then i would leave it outside (wrapped up as above, but with the addition of stuffing the crown gently with straw) against a south facing wall if you can, and only move it inside when the temperatures going to be below freezing (night or day) once the leaves start to die back then you can cut them off leaving about a 3 inch stump
  • TerrysWorldTerrysWorld South MonmouthshirePosts: 131
    Yes the shed has windows facing south. So some heat gets in there when sun is out during the day. 
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