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Can I save my Rowan tree? - holes and spots problem



  • RubytooRubytoo On the sofa, Southerly aspect.Posts: 1,286
    Sorry your first post is a bit of a sad one.
    I am not sure if anyone mentioned the soil, ( sorry if i missed it). but it looks quite wet or damp?
    See if it is like that long term, if it holds a lot of moisture it may be a consideration for what you plant.
    Also a possible contributory reason for the Rowan failing.
    I think they might prefer a drier situation.
    Some in our area planted in verges have got waterlogged over the last few years and died a slow death.
    Good luck in your new garden.

  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 4,877
    Given that you've not been there long, it sounds like a combination of damage and neglect by the previous owner, so don't beat yourself up about it.  Look on the bright side - if it can't be saved you can choose something suitable for the situation and soil type, and that you like.  If it comes to that, you can get lots of advice on here for suggestions for a replacement tree (or other plants if you prefer).  Let us know how you get on!
  • nultyphilip224nultyphilip224 Ireland,..The Midlands.Posts: 923
    Probably looks worse than it is,..the first job to do and before the frosts arrive is to plug that hole and check the smaller one below it,..see that its not an extension of the top opening, can get a canister of foam,.. 'Fix All',..which on application is soft and can be made smooth then it  solidifies and will give support to that weak spot,..this 'Fix All', can get from most Hardware Stores will not harm the tree,..however its colour is yellowish and can be painted over to match the colour of the tree,..i applied this foam to my 'Spanish Bayonet',..almost two years ago it worked on a hole one could put a fist into.

    My tree below where you can see the yellow foam was applied to fill the hole.

    As for the blemishes on the leaves,..they may not be related,..try get a spray to help keep the leaves healthy,..'Neem Oil works wonders',..a tablespoon of Neem Oil and one of liquid soap i find works magic :)

       Some more on Tree Cavity Filling,..most experts disagree with the use of Cement as a filling,..this is what my family used on old trees along our avenue and it was proved to be harmful,..then the use of a Foam Filling was used and proved to be a success to this day,..the trees were cavity filled with Closed Cell Foam,..recommended by Tree Services and University Agricultural Experimental,..the tree will eventually grow bark over the area filled.

    Another method used is to place a thin metal flap over the hole and cover in plaster the bark will eventually grow over this as well.

    One can paint over the foam filling to prevent water absorption,..never give up on a tree as it can survive even with 70% of a cavity,..the oldest tree at my parents avenue has a filling of foam for the past 50 years its an old Oak Tree well over 100 years.

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