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blueberry lemonade

hello ive been having problems with my and my father in laws blueberry lemonade plants my father in law bought me 2 blueberry lemonade plants for my birthday for about a week they were coming on fine until they started wilting the stem turned brown and just die the leaves fell off them ive had them in the kitchen on the windowsill been watering them with rain water which has been in my kitchen for atleast a day to warm up a little but i lost the two, we bought my father in law one  but in the 2L pot which was a bigger plant and we thought i must have done somthing wrong with my ones and my father in law has been a gardener for the last 50 years or so but his plant has started to die aswell the plants leaves have wilted and started to go brown on one of the branches its started to go brown from the bottom up to the top and now from the base of the plant has started to go brown and its going up the plant and it looks like that one is dieing aswell has anyone got any ideas its just strange 2 have died and it looks like the third is going the same way they came from a good plant company thompson and morgan.

thank you neil. 


  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489
    Firstly I'd contact T&M and tell them of the problem, secondly I'd fully expect replacements. It sounds like they've gone in to shock moving from ideal conditions at the nursery to your kitchen, but as they've been inside I'm not really sure. None of mine are in leaf at the moment though.
  • Alan4711Alan4711 LincolnshirePosts: 1,657

    is there realy a plant called blueberry lemonade  image

  • Yes, there's a blueberry Pink lemonade, a pink blueberry.  Make sure you pot them on into ericacious compost (acidic compost).  I'd try watering them with cold black tea, that may help.  I'd also contact T&M and ask for replacements.  Is there anywhere else that you could put them, as the kitchen might not be the best place, as if it's anything like mine, the temperature will fluctuate wildly!

  • organic2organic2 Posts: 7

    thank you all for your help ive been intouch with t&m and they have replaced them ive had new ones form them im leaving them in the same pots for now and ive put them in the greenhouse in between two of my propagators what ive got running bringing on other seedlings in a month or two i'll repot them into ericacious compost ive told my father inlaw to try and give them cold black tea to see if that will help

  • saltskisaltski Posts: 50
    I thought this was going to be a recipe for a drink using blueberries! Ha! Still I'm intrigued Mummy Muddy Paws about watering with cold black tea, will that work?? I have mine outside and sat in ericacious compost, well were planted in it last year, and a mulch of manure. I'm planning on watering with potash from my stove later in the year when flowering. Will potash suit all soft fruit?
  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,117

    Hi saltski, don't use woodash from your stove on them as it is alkaline and blueberries require acid conditions.  Ericaceous fertiliser fs the best thing for them (ask at garden centre or search online) and water only with rainwater as tap water often contains lime which will do them no good.  The wood ash will be fine for most other soft fruit though.

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  • My Mum waters her Azaleas with cold black tea (indoor ones), they must like it because it seems they're constantly in flower.  Suggested it because azaleas like ericacious compost too.  Think Tea is slightly acidic, if it's not, I'm sure one of the sciency people on here will correct me.  It might be something else in the tea that they like, it certainly worked wonders for Mum's Azaleas.  When something's on it's last legs, you will try lots of things, however odd, to try and salvage them.

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